kumarie`s cooking Specialising in various curries & breyani for weddings, parties, thanksgiving & funeral Tel: 031-4091253 0844411336 0744928318 - CK142898

meg`z hiring & catering Specials Mutton breyani, R2800 Veg breyani, R1500 Chicken breyani, R1850 All comes with dhall, salad & soji. Feeds 130 to 150. We also offer full package marquee, chair, tables, lighting, decor and all draping for all functions. tel: 031 4020188 084 4020188 - CK142803

CLASSIC DECOR & CATERING We do b/days, weddings, nelengu, ceremonies. Walk in, walk out deals. 031-4046643 076 472 8806 - CK142653

AL-MADINA CATERERS cc 1)Deg Mutton Masala Breyani, 20L dhall/brinjol, 11kg soji, saladsR2800 2)1Deg Chicken masala breyani, 20L dhall/brinjol, 11Kg soji, salads R1900 3)Veg breyani, 20L dhall/brinjol, 11Kg soji, salad R1600. (Feeds 130-150) Food cooked & supplied 7days a week for funeral, parties, weddings. Platter of Mutton breyani, soji salad R29.99 Chicken R24.99 + cooldrink Specials avail. Fri/Sat/Sun. Many more onsite specials 690 Sunset Avenue, behind testing grounds. Mahomed, Faheem: 031 4047823 0724846375 0761409439 0314049974 - CK142654

jilani fire foods Food for individuals & all occasions sold in platters, kilo & deggs. Enquiries Goolam: 0741027935 Nazir: 0722417626 - CK142657

A BETTER DEAL T.L.C CATERERS & STAGE DECOR Complete packages. Spit braai, curries, breyanies, frame marquees. Tiffney chairs. Venue available. We hire from A to Z Tel:0849245537 0848753346 0828710004 031 4648619 [email protected] - CK142525