Knowledge is Power: The interview committee

The SGB has to formally elect the Interview Committee (IC) from within its members. Prior to the election of the IC, the chairman must ensure that all substantive vacancies on the SGB are filled. Usually, 30 days’ notice has to be given for such by-elections.

Knowledge is Power: What to do when exams are over

It is now common practice for high school pupils to find temporary employment during this waiting period. This helps to relax the mind and to take away the focus from the nervous wait. It also serves as a source of income for the pupil.

Fuel price to hit residents hard

It must be noted that for hard-pressed consumers, a weaker rand spells inflation, further increases at fuel pumps, escalating and unaffordable price increases in food and basic necessities and other negative consequences.

Are some of our leaders sociopaths?

Sociopaths are not necessarily confined to prisons and found in gangs. They are ordinary people who live among us. They are also in leadership positions wielding great power and influence over us. That’s where the danger lies.

LETTER: Set one date for Diwali

The Diwali date disagreement remains as one of the most contentious issues. There is no difference between the North and South Indians. Is this a ploy by some Hindu organisations to keep us apart?

Going green with Rizaan Dawood

Having a garden that is bird and butterfly friendly is a huge bonus in a way that by watching and admiring them, we forget our troubles, stress and sorrows so basically it heals us.

Policy development by School Governing Bodies

The core function of SGBs in public schools is to support the principal and staff of a school in the promotion of quality public education for all pupils.

Dealing with loss and grief

After darkness always comes light and you get reminded of this each and every morning.

Your garbage says a lot about you

Bank statements and the likes of any retail accounts revealing credit facilities should never just be squashed and thrown in the bin.