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Having a problem with your landlord or tenant?

The primary function of the tribunal is to promote stability in the rental housing sector by resolving disputes that arise between tenants and landlords in residential dwellings (flats, houses, shacks, backrooms/ outbuildings, apartments and hostel rooms, etc).

Going Green with Rizaan Dawood: Save the bees

It takes about a thousand bees to make a kilogram of honey and they would have to visit about four million flowers. This task is made easy for these tiny wonders by flapping they wings about 200 times per second which is one of the reasons why bees are so amazing.

Bayview SAPS search for wanted carjacking suspects

The first suspect is about 25-years-old, is well built and medium in height. He is light in complexion and was wearing gold jewellery and formal clothing. He was carrying a firearm.

How to grow old gracefully

Good nutrition keeps the body healthy and the immune system sound. Salads, fruit and vegetable should be included.

Nokia 2 arrives in South Africa

The Nokia 2’s sleek frame is precision-machined from a single block of aluminium, while Corning® Gorilla® Glass is complemented by sculpted polycarbonate on the back.