Residents irate over unhealthy living conditions

Speaking about the health hazard, Teddy Naidoo, who lives in close proximity to the burst sewer in Almond Road, said he is tired of notifying the relevant authorities about the problem.

Toxic waste illegally dumped in Welbedacht

Sources reveals that one person was arrested for illegal dumping of toxic waste and angered community leaders, community policing forum members and ward councillors gathered at the scene to discuss a way forward.

Silverglen land invasion sparks concern

Residents in the area feared that the beautiful Durban Metropolitan Open Space Systems (DMOSS) area in Silverglen Drive was under a serious threat and called the Land Invasion Unit, who responded within minutes.

Installation of pathway street lights welcomed

According to residents living in the area, there had been numerous incidents of mugging and robberies especially during winter, when people leave early and there was no lighting.