Teacher’s assault leads to school shut down

M Padavatan Primary School has shut down indefinitely following an assault.

A primary school in Crossmoor closed its doors indefinitely after an elderly grade seven teacher was allegedly brutally assaulted with a wooden pick handle by a gang of men on the school premises on Friday morning.

According to concerned parents who wish to remain anonymous, in fear of their children’s safety, the assault occurred after a grade seven teacher of M Padavatan Primary School allegedly hit a child on the back of his head with a book during a school lesson.

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One of the parents, whose daughter is in grade seven, said, “Following the assault of a child, the teacher was approached by the child’s father and a gang of men assaulted him in the parking lot of the school. The teacher was brutally assaulted. The men hit him with the pick handle and cracked open his head.  Several other teachers tried to intervene and pull the men away from the teacher, however, their efforts went in vain. The safety and education of our children are being questioned. How can we allow thugs to come into schools, threaten and assault our teachers? This time of the year is pivotal for our children as assessments and tests have begun.”

Meanwhile, a signed circular which has the principal’s signature on it was distributed on Monday. It stated, “Closure of school: It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that due to the educators at M Padavatan Primary School withdrawal of labour, the school cannot be operational as from tomorrow (Tuesday, September 12).  This decision has been taken due to the safety of our learners. You will be informed via the D6 communicator and notices to be placed at the gates and the Crossmoor Shopping Centre.”

Chairman of the CPF, Jakes Singh said that a disciplinary hearing should take place between the perpetrators, the school governing body and the principal.

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Singh said, “Because of one incident, the entire school population suffers.  This is a crucial part of the year and children need to be at school. An urgent meeting should be called with the parents, SGB, teachers and members of the Department of Education to address the problems. If teachers still fear for their safety, they should speak to the SAPS and ask for police protection and patrols.”

Deputy principal, Mr MY Yunis refused to comment when he was contacted by the Rising Sun Community Newspapers.  

The school governing body chairman refused to comment but did state that all matters and queries involving the incident should be addressed with the school and district circuit manager.  The Department of Education was unavailable to comment at the time of going to press.

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