United Khoisan Women’s League reflects on the past

Elected committee members of the United Khoisan Women’s League: Debbie Peters, Jeanette Wroots, Nahdhia Allie, Jean Choudree, Natalie Joel, Rhona Bailey and Denise Stuart.

The United Khoisan Women’s League Natal Conference was held at the Powerhouse Ministries Church in Wentworth, recently.

Paramount chief, Pastor John Bailey, delivered the keynote address that emphasized the role of women in society. Committee member, Jean Choudree, said  that the women  were presented with a cultural poem called ‘Land of the Khoisan’ which was recited by one of the woman from the Kei Korana Aboriginal Council.

“Other important aspects centred on land, identity and economic issues with which the Khoisan people still grapple in this new dispensation post 1994. The highlight of the day was the story of Krotoa, called Eva by the Dutch, the first Khoikhoi woman to appear in the European records of the early settlement at the Cape as an individual personality and active participant in cultural and economic exchange.  According to some viewers, a recently produced movie fails to portray her realistically,” she said.

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The meeting concluded with the election of a regional governing structure to take the process of the work of our women forward in the communities which they serve. Women wishing to join the United Khoisan Women’s League, can contact Jean Choudree on 076-505-1707 or email: [email protected]

Candice George

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