Teller receives parcel bomb at Austerville Post Office

The parcel bomb that was dropped off for the teller.

Employees at the Austerville Post Office are still reeling in shock after a suspicious parcel, which is believed to have been a homemade bomb, was dropped off at the establishment on Thursday.

According to Wentworth SAPS communications officer, Cpt Mbuso Gumede, a boy had dropped off the parcel which was addressed to a teller who works at the post office. The 49-year-old victim was out of the office at the time of the delivery. The Rising Sun contacted the victim, however, she refused to be interviewed as she was still traumatised from the incident.

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Cpt Gumede said that when the unaware female employee arrived at the office, a co-worker informed her that a parcel had been brought in for her. The co-worker then showed her the questionable package and when she opened it, she noticed a device made up of a cellphone and wires attached to it.

The complainant then noticed a handwritten note with her name on it, including a warning for her to take the cash out of the cash till and leave it on the veranda of the post office at a specified time.

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Police were immediately called to the scene.  Cpt Gumede said officers had cordoned off area and called the Durban Harbour Explosive Unit.

“The parcel was detonated in an open field by the explosive team. The parcel according to the Durban Harbour Explosive Unit was a homemade device. Wentworth detectives, together with Vispol members, were on scene and no injuries or damages were reported,” said Cpt Gumede.

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