Revamp for RK Khan children’s ward

Dr S Pather, Dr PS Subban, Rev Cyril Pillay, Dias Isaac and Ms F Ngidi open the revamped ward.

The RK Khan Hospital’s paediatric ward was given a R250, 000 make-over by members of a local organisation, in commemoration of Women’s Month, last week.

Prevailing Women, an organisation comprising of women of all walks of life, came together under the umbrella of love and compassion to make a difference of the lives of children who are admitted at the ward.

The team of dedicated women completed the make-over and created an ambiance of comfort, self-worth and love for both mums and children who are treated in the ward.

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Director of the organisation, Dias Isaac, said at the official hand-over of the ward, that the project was lavishly sponsored by local businessmen and women including Ziyaduma, Alpha Blinds, Sun Print, Blacol Paints, Saroj Naidoo and the Prevailing network teams who have been driven by the expression of ‘evil prevails when good people do nothing.

Chairman of the hospital board, Rev Cyril Pillay, who was instrumental in linking the women’s group to the hospital, was upbeat about the project and highly commended the action of these dedicated women especially during Women’s Month.

Head of paediatrics, Dr Selvan Pather, was full of praise for the women who displayed motherly tender loving care in giving his wards the much-needed refurbishment that will further enhance a high quality of medical services to the children. CEO of the hospital, Dr PS Subban, thanked the organisation and said he looked forward to more partnerships with the community.

Yoshini Perumal

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