Hijacked passengers taken on a terror ride

Geran Naidoo.

Pandemonium broke out on Eureka Tours last Thursday when the bus carrying approximately 16 passengers and a conductor had been taken over by hijackers. The terrified passengers had boarded the bus in town and four of the passengers were armed robbers.

Geran Naidoo, 20, from Road 701, had boarded the bus in town and was scheduled to return home by 2:30pm from college. “I boarded the bus not knowing that a while later I was going to be robbed, stabbed, terrified, and traumatised,” he said. According to Naidoo, four armed black males took over the bus when they reached the unit five off-ramp.

Two men were armed with knives and two armed with guns. The terror began when the suspects started screaming and waving their weapons at the passengers and held a gun to the driver’s head demanding him to keep driving.

Naidoo was seated in the middle of the bus when the incident occurred. “I was talking on my phone and I saw two guys armed with guns stand up at the front of the bus. I was shocked and fearing for my life. I then felt someone grab the phone from my hand. As I looked up I saw a man with a knife standing over me. He took my bag and my cellphone and when I flinched, he repeatedly stabbed me.”

The brave young man fought off his attackers but was stabbed seven times. He has knife wounds to his chest, face, thigh, head and hand. “I punched and kicked the guy off me as I was afraid of being stabbed again. If I did not fight back, I would have lost my life as the suspect was trying to stab me in the neck. I blocked and that’s how he stabbed me on my hand.”

According to Naidoo, the two suspects who were armed with knives had been injured in a scuffle with him and they were dragged of the bus and assaulted further by members of the public when the bus came to a halt in a unit nine. However, two suspects managed to escape with the valuables stolen from the passengers.

Cheryl Pillay, communications officer of Chatsworth SAPS said, “According to police reports, a bus bound for Chatsworth was robbed by African males. It is alleged that the bus had passed the Chatsworth Centre when an African male pointed a firearm at one of the commuters. The other suspects then robbed commuters of their belonging. The driver noticed the police and informed them that five African males had robbed the commuters. The police began searching for these suspects and two African males were arrested by police. Both suspects, aged 23, will soon appear in the Chatsworth Magistrates Court.”

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