An afternoon of culture, music and dance

Kamani Moodley together with Bharathwaj Theo Ramsewak are looking forward the event.

The Multi-Cultural Academy of South Africa (MASA) will be hosting an afternoon of music and dance, entitled ‘Sarvam’ at the Rajput Hall on Sunday, July 23 at 3:30pm.

The non-profit movement is directed by acclaimed Indian musician, Srimathi Kamani Moodley. MASA envisages spreading love and divinity to all South Africans through Indian music. They believe that music is food for the soul.

MASA is honoured to have the concert feature the munificent Bharathwaj Theo Ramsewak. Bharathwaj Theo Ramsewak has his BA in music from the Annamalai University in Chithambaram, India. During this prestigious degree, he was tutored under CG Sundar Deekshithar in vocal training and in sacred Vedic literature.

He has also taken Pancha Samskaram and Ubadesam from Sri Rangam Temple Jeeyar and was bestowed the honourable title, Ranga Ramanuja. Ramsewak is an accomplished recording artist with thousands of followers on YouTube and other online networks.

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The concert promises soul-stirring, stylistically unique, specially prepared art forms for the Chatsworth community. Some of India’s ancient and traditional instruments will accompany the concert, expected to attract hundreds of Indian music lovers.

Sarvam is going to be an exciting and enjoyable afternoon filled with divine music and intellectually stimulating experiences, music that roots from ancient India. Ramsewak receives enthralling applauses when he performs at various villages, temples and communities in India.

MASA invites fans of India’s classical genres and religious melodies to join us in this concert. As it turns out, India’s music consists of spiritual vibrations and this concert is an ideal for aspiring spiritual evolvers. No one will mistake Ramsewak’s voice to the historically celestial voice of the ancient and primordial Vaishnava saints.

Ramsewak, a former South African arrived in South Africa in the middle of June and has since then being performing at numerous temples, bringing together hundreds of devotees. In this farewell concert, a collaboration of beautiful sounds ranging from classical to neo-classical India is expected to spiritually nourish an exuberant number of music fans.

Acclaimed and much commended classical Indian dancer, Natya Arasen Cameron will also perform to the elaborate cheer of this very much anticipated event. For tickets or more information, contact Sue on 082-375-2471 or Mr Thaver on 078-386-9980.


Nikita Chiniah

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