Young thabla player receives prestigious award

Ashwaylon Dayanand proudly displays his accolades.

An 11-year-old Queensburgh boy has done his family and community extremely proud after scooping the Top Achiever Award for playing the thabla, recently. Escombe Primary School pupil, Ashwaylon Dayanand always possessed a deep-rooted passion for the musical instrument and chose to take his talent to the next level when he joined the Saraswathie Padasalai School of Music, last year.

“I started playing the thabla to learn more about my culture and to become more knowledgeable about life.  I gained a lot of understanding during this year of training and I am proud of myself.  Being a part of the music class has been a wonderful experience and I met a lot of different and interesting people,” said the grade five pupil.

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The young lad, who is also involved in various charitable initiatives and volunteers with the Revolution Motorcycle Club, encourages other youngsters to play musical instruments as well.  “More children should play instruments because it will help them learn about their culture and their roots.  It takes a lot of hard work but it is enjoyable.  I always felt motivated by my teachers and I hope to become a master in playing the thabla one day,” he added.

“My wonderful parents have also been a huge influence in my life, and without the support of them and my sister, none of my accomplishments would have been made possible.  I believe that if youngsters work hard enough, they can accomplish anything.  Dedication and responsibility is the key to success,” added the youngster, who is also a kick boxer.

His parents, Mr and Mrs Dayanand are immensely proud of their young son’s accomplishments and said, “Ashwaylon has always been fascinated with the thabla and he has blossomed over a short period of time.  Guru Munien has done a fantastic job at teaching him.”

Article: Bianca Lalbahadur


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