Wentworth father killed in drive-by shooting

Chadleigh David.

The Wentworth community fears for the safety of its youth after two innocent men were shot dead in separate drive-by shootings in the area, recently. In the first incident, 36-year-old, Chadleigh David, died in hospital after he was targeted outside his home in Bute Lane on Wednesday evening.

According to a police report, the victim was walking out of his flat onto the road when he was approached a taxi driver whom he had a conversation with. Suddenly, unknown suspects in a black car drove by and began firing shots at him, hitting him nine times in his body and lower back.

David was rushed to Wentworth Hospital. The father of one had unfortunately passed away due to the serious injuries he sustained. In an interview with the Rising Sun, grieving mother of the deceased, Rozanne Cockman, said that her son was always friendly and always felt the need to help others.

“He was such a loving and friendly child and always had time to message me and say ‘I love you mum.’ I will never get to hear those precious words again. Our family is still in shock and are taking each day as it comes. My son was not part of any gang, but had friends who belonged to gangs. I believe that the shooting happened out of jealousy and unresolved issues. I had spoken to my son in hospital during his final stages. I am aware of the perpetrators who took my son’s life. I hold no grudges against anyone but I pray that justice be served,” she said.

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Longtime girlfriend, Nadine Maharaj, who was inside their complex, said she heard David receive a call and then saw him leave to go outside. “I then heard gunshots, but was locked inside because Chadleigh had taken the keys down with him. I could hear him call out to me, asking me to help him.  I managed to get to him and helped him into a vehicle and immediately rushed him to hospital. My heart broke seeing the man I love in so much pain. I am encouraging the community to stop being afraid to speak out. By turning a blind eye to crime, we are teaching our children not to report crime and are allowing people who murder to walk free,” she said.

In the second incident, Llewelyn Michael Bradley Edwards was shot dead outside a night club, two weeks ago. At the time of going to press, the police could not confirm additional information.

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Communications officer of the Wentworth SAPS, Cpt Mbuso Gumede, explained that last year, the gangs had signed a peace pact calling for an end to the on-going violence, as rival gangs were fighting for the control of the drug trade.  Eight people were killed in gang-related incidents last year. 

“The motive of the shooting is currently unknown and we are appealing to witnesses to come forward with information about the case,” said Cpt Gumede.  The police, together with the community and religious leaders, have expressed their anger at the senseless gang-related murders and are calling for an end to the gang warfare.

Article: Candice George

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