ADF hosts fun-filled school holiday programme

Director and founder of the Anti-Drug Forum, Sam Pillay, is seen with the youngsters who attended the programme.

The Anti-Drug Forum embarked on a school holiday programme for deserving youth from the community, last week. The school holiday programme kicked off with the children enjoying The Despicable Me 3 movie and also included an inspirational talk from Sam Pillay, who discussed having fun without having to indulge in illegal and dangerous activities such as abusing substances.

Pillay enlightened the children as to how every individual can be extremely successful no matter where they come from or how poor they are. “The important thing is that they must have a vision and a goal. I used my own story to relate and illustrate the point,” he said.

The talk was followed by a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants at the Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World. The children then went on a walk on the beach while enjoying ice creams.

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This programme was developed in light of the pupils embarking on their winter vacation and the aim of it was to help them find ways to keep themselves occupied by being constructive.

“It is during these times that the pupils become bored and curious and attempt to indulge in illegal and dangerous activities. The Anti-Drug Forum intends to eliminate this factor by encouraging the youth to have fun in a more positive and healthy way. The holiday programme was indeed great and it was a pleasure to see the pupils enjoying themselves. I encouraged them to establish a Smart Club in their area. We at the Anti-Drug Forum will monitor their progress and wish them everything of the best,” he concluded.

Yoshini Perumal

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