Meadowlands Technical High School faces closure

Principal of Meadowlands Technical High School, Mr SV Naidoo.

Meadowlands Technical High School, a source of hope for technical-orientated pupils, is on the brink of closing its doors unless a large capital injection is made into the school’s coffers.

Grappling with the high costs and maintenance, the Montford school is in deep waters and the school’s management believe that if they do not act fast, the school funds would dry up and the doors to the decorated 49-year-old institution will soon close.

The technical school which caters for an average enrollment of 845 pupils, ranging from grade eight to 12, provides holistic education for children from disadvantaged communities such as KwaNdengezi, Umlazi, Welbedacht, Demat, Mariannridge and Chatsworth.

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Pupils from these various communities have the opportunity to explore the various technical subjects offered at the school. Welding, metalworking and plumbing are only a few of the many subjects that pupils are offered.

In an interview with the Rising Sun Community Newspapers, a despondent principal, Mr SV Naidoo shared his challenges he has endured over the few months.

“We are struggling to make ends meet with the resources that are provided by government. One of our major problems are school fees with only 28 percent of registered pupils paying their full amounts. If we do not generate enough funds, then we will have no alternative to close the facility that provides a solid foundation and education for our children,” he said.

Naidoo claims that in his challenging 18 months, he has made numerous changes to the benefit of the school and its pupils.

He added, “The school has tried numerous fundraising efforts but it is just not enough. While tackling the many challenges in the last 12 months with regards to maintenance, it has become almost impossible to cope with the minimum school fees collected. The school has tried fund-raising initiatives but it is just not enough.”

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“We hope to bring Meadowlands back to its former glory and an institution that is self-funded by well-wishers and one that will ensure that future pupils get the very best that we can give them. We lack the ability to fulfil our purpose as a school due to the lack of resources, the scarce feedback from the department, and the lack of co-operation from parents. We are urgently seeking the assistance of businesses and the public to come on board,” he said. The principal has vowed to do all in his power to keep the doors of the school open.

Following the threat of the school closing its doors, the management of the school will be holding a dinner and dance fundraising initiative at the Havenside Function Venue on June 30, at 6pm.

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Vivaga Thambiran
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