Taking care of God’s creation- our environment

In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth, all so beautiful and he was pleased. His desire is that all mankind should obey and worship him regardless of who we are, colour or creed.

Sadly, as we look around, there are so much of pollution and filth and our creator wants us to take good care. Let us take on the responsibility and do our part. There is so much to do and so little done. We all could lean from the stars, the moon and the sun as they work together as one.

Let’s be more careful by helping Mother Earth regain its splendor and keep it clean and ever beautiful. As it is often said that cleanliness is the nest to Godliness.

Duty calls, let us pray and clean up the mess. We ought to be grateful to God for the land of our birth. Paradise lost shall be paradise gained as my very soul cries out to God for the promised new Earth.

The animals, the birds, the butterflies, trees and flowers too. All of us can rejoice together as we help to make the old Earth a new one. Let’s walk together, land in land with our God, creator and maker of our universe and be wise.

Dhunam Moodley

Dhunam Moodley

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