Team India takes on Ultimate Human Race

The annual Comrades Marathon is, to this day, recognised as the world’s largest and oldest ultra-marathon race, with runners participating at both a national and international level.

This year, a group of 120 determined and fit runners from India participated in the Ultimate Human Race, making it a massive achievement for their country.

Reports have indicated that this year’s event saw a spike in Indian registrations as well, making it a double achievement.

Out of the 120 participants, a total of 100 successfully crossed the finish line and according to these runners, the experience was a gruelling, yet memorable one. In an interview with one of the top runners, Satish Gujaran, he explained that the event is one that signifies camaraderie and unity year after year.

“Our participants were from different parts of India. We were extremely excited to qualify and participate in the Ultimate Human Race. The feeling of pride and happiness that one receives as he or she crosses the Comrades finish line is unexplainable. Knowing that our hard work and dedication paid off definitely gave us a sense of accomplishment,” said Gujaran.

This year, the 54-year-old Mumbai resident completed his eighth Comrades run and he said that he is looking forward to running two more marathons as well.

“By me completing my 10th Comrades run, this will enable me to have a ‘green number’. Our brand ambassador, Amit Sheth played a great role in ensuring our success at this year’s marathon and I wish to thank him for his dedication and unwavering support.

“When we first started our Comrades adventure, we did not have a very big group of participants, however, as time went by, the numbers began to grow. Having 120 participants is certainly a big deal for us,” Gujaran chuckled.

He added that for the 2020 Comrades Marathon, he plans to have a Team India bus that will even accommodate the runners and in addition to this, he would like to participate in a back-to-back run, next year.

“This means that a day before the actual event, I would like to run up to Pietermaritzburg from Durban and then take on the down-run the next day. It will be hard but I am sure that with the right amount of dedication, anything can be achieved,” he added. The fitness fanatic concluded by encouraging others to participate in the next Comrades Marathon. “The Ultimate Human Race will certainly define you,” he said. Keep up to date with Team India’s Comrades journey by liking their Facebook page- Comrades 2017 Team India.

Elaine Naidoo
Digital Editor

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