Man (65) arrested for Shallcross stabbing

A 65-year-old was arrested for attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed a 25-year-old man at the McDonald’s drive-thru at the Ridge Shopping Mall in Shallcross, last week.

According to communications officer of the Chatsworth SAPS, Cpt Cheryl Pillay, Moonsamy Chetty allegedly stabbed the victim while he was seated in his vehicle. 

Manager of the Ridge Shopping Mall, Elvis Frank, said that the stabbing was an isolated incident and urged residents to use the parking area facility for the purpose it is intended and not as a place to relax with friends or pursue arguments.

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Supervisor of Metro Armed Response, Ronica Sindraj, said she viewed the footage of the incident and urges witnesses to assist the police so that the perpetrator can face the full wrath of the law.

“The man is seen​ getting off a white BMW and approaching the drive-thru at McDonald’s. He then spoke to the person seated in the driver’s seat of a vehicle at the cashier’s booth.  He is seen speaking to the man briefly and then he pulls out a knife and stabs the man continuously before wiping the knife with his jersey. Then he is seen fleeing towards Link Road,” she added.

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Two security officers, together with the dog handler and the dog, ran down the area he fled towards and apprehended him.

Sindraj further stated that the white BMW that the perpetrator got off from drove off after the man fled the scene.

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