Five decades of educational service to the community

To this day, the staff and management of Witteklip Secondary School strive for educational excellence.

Witteklip Secondary School opened its doors in 1967 and was one of the three high schools that catered for the newly developed Indian township of Chatsworth. The suburb of Croftdene in particular, was overwhelmed by the opening of the school, which aimed to serve the educational needs of its’ people because they saw education as the key to challenging the apartheid government.

Witteklip was honoured to welcome its first principal, Mr Subban Khan, a strong disciplinarian and a man of great vision. He embarked on uplifting the school to great heights. Many other principals helped to lay a strong foundation for others to build on and left an indelible mark on the school, adding to its rich history.

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Mr GR Naidu, who recently retired after serving 18 years as a principal, changed the course of the school. While still maintaining high academic excellence, he introduced the Welfare of Witteklip (WOW) to address the issue of poverty in the area. The programme provided exclusively for the nutritional needs of the pupils. Under Naidu’s leadership, extra-curricular activities (especially sport) reached greater heights.

A holistic and quality public education is offered to all the pupils who attend the school, despite limited resources and the cut in funding from the Department of Education.

The school back in the day.

Witteklip continues to adhere to its motto, ‘Light conquers darkness,’ to provide a high standard of education through its experienced and dedicated teachers, who go the extra mile to deliver excellent academic education.

To mark their 50th anniversary, the school has embarked on various activities, the first being a dinner and dance which will be held on June 16, at the Arena Park Regional Hall, at 6pm. Former teachers, pupils and anyone who was associated with the school over the years are urged to attend the momentous celebration.For more information, contact Ms U Naidoo on 031403-5327.

Yoshini Perumal

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