Social worker provides love and care to hospice patients

Social worker, Pearl Thakur together with retired matron, P Anthony and some of the day care patients.

With the intention of giving back to the day care patients at the Chatsworth Hospice, social worker, Pearl Thakur has gone beyond the call of duty in providing volunteer social work.

Thakur, works who with the patients once a month, by providing them with much needed therapeutic programmes, said that she enjoys providing ‘seva’ to the patients.

“My involvement with the day care patients gently explores the needs of patients through engaging them in activities.  Once they open up emotionally, I work through their combined issues by involving their voluntary participation.  Confidentiality is important while working with patients and this is stressed routinely.  The patients feel comfortable talking about different topics and learning coping strategies from peers which is empowering to them,” she added.

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The day care patients who also engage in fun activities and are educated on topics enjoy being constructively occupied on their weekly visits. “I try to fill the emotional gap by attempting to fulfil their emotional needs by talking about what is challenging them, encouraging listening between the patients and supporting each other unconditionally.  I have also observed that the day care group of patients have bonded very much like a family and tend to care for each other,” she concluded.


Bianca Lalbahadur

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