Ways to honour your parents

We often take our parents for granted. As long as they are living, we assume that they will provide for us and rescue us when we get into trouble.

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Even as adults, we often take and do not give, yet we expect them to leave aside everything else and attend to our needs, and want them to be there for us in every crisis. What happens when they pass away?  We experience guilt, regret and remorse.

Let us look at ways to honour our parents while they are alive. (Adapted-“Ways to honour your parents”, C. McDowell.):

  • If you disagree, do so respectfully.
  • There are times when you disagree with your parents. Their opinions and/or lifestyle can be opposite to yours. Do not be disrespectful in your thoughts, words, or actions.
  • Listen patiently.
  • Always strive to be a patient listener. Parents can give sound advice so that we avoid mistakes and pitfalls in life. Learn from their wisdom and insight.
  • Forgive them freely.
  • They may become impatient and angry at times. Forgive them and do not hold resentments.
  • Contact them regularly.
  • When you marry and set up your own home, contact them from time to time telephonically and/or visit them. They will worry about your welfare.
  • Assist them generously.
  • Your parents raised you, paid for your food, clothing, education fees, etc. Their love is priceless. The least you can do is to ensure that they are financially secure.
  • Love consistently.
  • Sometimes parents may depend on us and therefore feel that they are a burden to us. Your unconditional love shown in thoughts, words and actions will demonstrate that you love doing things for them.
  • If you have to correct your parents, do so gently.
  • Parents may be set in their old ways and make mistakes. Your correction must be imbued with love, kindness, respect and patience.
  • Fondly reminisce.
  • Share happy memories while they are with you. When they are no longer with you, you can remember them fondly.
  • Be consistent in your love whether it is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any special day. You may not repay all that your parents have done for you, but you appreciation and respect for them will be cherished.
Dr Guru Kistnasamy

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