Young pianist shares the ‘key’ to success

Ethan Mackenzie is looking forward to performing at the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra Concert.

Fourteen-year-old Bayview pianist, Ethan Mackenzie is living out his childhood dream after he was scouted to perform at a very special once-off KZN Philharmonic Orchestra Concert to showcase his solo skills.

Ethan developed an immense passion for melodious music after he was inspired by his vocalist mother and musically inclined family. He started playing various instruments at a young age.

“I started playing the recorder when I was four-years-old and from there, I moved onto the piano when I was eight.  I later began studying the piano with Melissa Greyvenstein, who nurtured my talents.  Since I was born, music has always been the most important part of my life,” said the Kharwastan Secondary School pupil.

The gaming fanatic who also dabbles in drums, keyboard and vocals added, “The concert is the highlight of my career and being selected as one of the top 15 most promising young KZN orchestral performers has grown my confidence immensely.  I am very excited to perform at such a prominent event. I believe that anything is possible if you try hard enough and the youth of today should always strive for their success.”

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The grade nine pupil is also inspired by renowned international pianist, Peter Bence, and has a deep-rooted love for music. “I am drawn to music because I love and take comfort in the emotion behind the beat.  Whenever I play a song, it is so powerful that I feel the melody in my soul.  I feel very lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to live out my dreams,” added the talented teenager. In his spare time, he enjoys playing various sport, watching movies and also playing video games.

“My success would not have been possible if it was not for my dedicated teacher, Melissa Greyvenstein, my wonderful parents, especially my father, who constantly pushed me to practice harder every day and my late grandfather, George Naidoo, who would transport me to and from piano practice,” he said.


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