Strengthening family relationships

The United Nations together with various organisations gathered in one accord to celebrate the International Day of Families, recently.
The special day is commemorated annually on May 15 and creates awareness around the importance of families and its members.

The theme for 2017 was ‘Families, Education and Well-Being’ which highlighted the importance of caregivers, parents and the importance of parental education in children’s lives.

A family is the heart and soul of a person’s life and never limited to blood relatives. They are the first people we remember and the ones never forgotten. They are the people who love unconditionally and trust after broken promises.

A parent, caregiver or a guardian is a child’s first form of friendship. The foundation of a child’s life therefore depends on the love, care and respect the child receives from members of their family. Therefore, there is always a constant demand of healthy family relationships.

Five tips to maintain a healthy family relationship:
• Nurturing and caring
• Embracing unconditional love
• Treating each other with respect
• Doing little things to help family members
• Infinite support


Velancia Naidoo

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