Paying tribute to Rosy Govender

The 58-year-old songbird will be forever be remembered.

Thank you to the Rising Sun as you have not forgotten our nightingale, Rosy Govender. The people of Chatsworth are grieving because she was a household name, and started her singing career at the tender age of 12. She raised funds for various organisations in the community. Her first album released in 1995 with the Padma group, called Immortals was a huge success.

All her songs captivated the hearts of the young and old. She reached great heights of success in uplifting our culture. Rosy Govender encouraged the youth by offering vocal training so that they could achieve their dreams. She cared for the welfare of our people. She was a real people’s person. On a number of occasions that I met her, she showed her charm, charisma and humility, which will not be forgotten.

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The crowd at her funeral bears testimony of her popularity. Glorious and fitting tributes were paid by many speakers. Numerous messages of condolences were read by MC, Mala Lutchman.   I like the quote of the great Nelson Mandela, ‘Men and women of rare qualities are few and hard. When they depart, the sense of loss is made the more profound and the more difficult to manage.’ That’s what you are Rosy. May you rest in peace. You will not be forgotten.

Dhayalan Moodley

Mobeni Heights


Rising Sun

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