‎Let’s ensure the cleanliness of our parks and vacant lands

I am a resident from Johannesburg who often visits Durban as well. Across my temporary place of residence in Durban, there is a park/ vacant land, which is often visited by birds, who are waiting to be fed.

There are many residents who are more than willing to feed the birds bread and also bird seeds however, there are some individuals who are causing environmental issues by leaving samoosa pur (pasty) for the birds to peck on. Being a bird lover and someone who cares a great deal about the environment, I have personally noticed how the birds reject the samoosa pur. This is then left at the vacant land and is not cleaned up for days.

While I appreciate the efforts made by these individuals, they need to take into consideration that the birds are not eating the pastry. I encourage these individuals to feed the birds bread, which they are used to, and rather prepare samoosas out of the pastry and feed the homeless.

Although I am not from the area, at the end of the day, it is our duty to keep our community tidy at all times. We should not give tourists and visitors to the sunny province of Durban the wrong impression. Let’s keep Durban beautiful‎ and clean!

Concerned resident


Rising Sun

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