Malvern beauty aims to inspire aspiring models

Christabel Jade Sebastian at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

Determined, beautiful, ambitious and courageous are just some of the adjectives that can be used to describe a 19-year-old Malvern resident who is striving for success in the modelling industry.

Christabel Jade Sebastian is the perfect example of ‘beauty with brains’. She is currently pursuing a career in marketing at UNISA and in an interview with journalists, she shared her secret to success.

“My modelling career began when I signed with Glamour Models South Africa in 2015. Ever since then, I have been inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, who is a dictator of taste and a fashion genius. He had a dream and followed his instincts. Today, he is well known for his brand, Chanel and a range of successful brands in the fashion industry,” she explained. Despite her success, the young beauty said that she chooses to remain humble at all times.

The stunning lass strongly believes that surrounding communities have played a major role in her success and giving back to the community is one way of thanking them for their love and unwavering support.

“Before the break of my modelling career, from the age of 10-years-old, I would assist my family with our annual feeding scheme that we conducted twice a year at the Mother Theresa Home. We also participated in a winter blanket drive where we would feed the needy and those who fear starvation,” added Sebastian.

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She feels great to experience self-love as a model and hopes to raise the bar higher every time. “As a little girl, I have always loved trying on dresses and experimenting with different shades of make-up. The idea of modelling on the runway was a big dream of mine that I never gave up on,” she said.

When asked what the secret to her success was, she said, “Keep practicing like you have never won and keep performing like you have never lost. Results don’t come overnight and change does not happen immediately but remain focused and keep working towards your goals,” she concluded.


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