Rising Sun Chatsworth Freedom Marathon- a resounding success

The Rising Sun Chatsworth Freedom Marathon was made into the most memorable and successful event to date, thanks to the dedicated staff and management of the Rising Sun Community Newspapers.

The Rising Sun team was just truly awesome. A team effort ensured that we all enjoyed a successful event. It was such a beautiful experience working the team at the Rising Sun.

Thank you Mr Vijay Maharaj, Mr Reenesh Maharaj and Ishara Dhanraj for all the support, effort and commitment you have shared towards this event.

Special thanks also need to go out to the entire team/staff of the Rising Sun Community Newspapers for the commitment and assistance shown on the day of the race.

This has been a new experience to many and I hope that they have enjoyed the day and have a renewed sense of motivation to someday take up this sport. The entire day was just simply the best and this was not just for the CAC or the Rising Sun but for the participants as well.

Gauging from the many casual chats that I had with participants, I can say that our event was truly a successful one and was well enjoyed by the athletes.

I can’t wait for the Rising Sun Chatsworth Freedom Marathon 2018 (which I am hoping that I can obtain permission to run) to which I believe has the potential to be one of the major highlights in the KSA/ASA racing calendar. The work has to start from today. Once again, thank you to the Rising for making this event a truly memorable one for many.

Jay Moodley

Rising Sun

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