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For vehicle owners, the scenario depicted in the video could be one that they unfortunately find themselves in – where what was supposed to be a great day, ends up in heaps of debris upon accidental impact. In such cases, you might not be able get yourself out of that situation in the event of an accident because your phone might be lost or damaged or even worse; you might be unconscious and therefore unable to call for assistance.
What happens then?

We all need to be able to rely on someone that will step in and help us when we aren’t in a position to help ourselves. This is where smart technology like the MiWay Emergency Alert comes in. The advancement of technology has made it possible for your tracking device to detect a sudden impact on your vehicle that could signify an accident. This device immediately triggers a signal to MiWay’s 24-hour emergency call centre. An agent will give you a call to check whether you’re okay – and if you are unable to answer for whatever reason, emergency services will be dispatched based on location transmitted by the device in your car.

Road safety statistics indicate that as a car owner, you can’t afford to be without the MiWay Emergency Alert service. Compare your current car insurance to make an informed decision before getting cover for your vehicle. Emergency Alert service gives you and your passengers the peace of mind needed while travelling.

Yoshini Perumal

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