WATCH: Man beaten and robbed at Merebank petrol station

A screenshot of the CCTV footage.

A 43-year-old father is still recovering from his numerous injuries after he was brutally attacked by a group of unknown men at a petrol station in Merebank, last week.

CCTV video footage shows the man being pulled away from his Polo GTI and pushed onto the ground and savagely beaten, while another man rummages through his vehicle, before fleeing in a black Citi Golf.

Speaking to a Rising Sun journalist, a still shaken, Mark Naidoo detailed the traumatic incident. “It was just after 10:30pm, I went to our local petrol station’s convenience store to buy cigarettes. As I was about to enter my car, I was approached by these two men. One of the attackers dragged me away from the vehicle, pushed me to the ground and began kicking and punching me, while another man was inside my car. He also attacked me, before they jumped in their car and sped off. I am not sure if they tried to steal the car, but they took my cellphone, money, name brand sunglasses and other belongings.”

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In a bleeding and dazed state, Naidoo tried to follow them but they were already gone. He sustained fractured ribs, injuries to his head, back and leg. During the scuffle, the assailants also broke three of his teeth.

One of Naidoo’s relatives said, “All we want now is justice and for this unjustified and brutal act against an innocent person to not go unpunished. We are also concerned about the safety of our community members and that they do not fall prey to these men who have hurt our family member so callously. It was extremely heartbreaking and painful to see him in so much pain due to the severity of his injuries.”

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She added, “All we ask is for the police to catch them and for justice to prevail. Merebank is no longer the same. It is time we stand together and put an end to this violence in our community. We urge anyone who witnessed or has information to contact the police station.”

Wentworth SAPS communications officer Cpt MP Gumede said, “A case of common robbery is currently being investigated at Wentworth SAPS. No arrests have been made. The police would like to urge the community not to take someone else’s personal property without permission, as our court can impose a heavy sentence to the accused person for such criminal acts.


Nadia Khan

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