Meet Montford’s very own ‘Iron Man’

Garett Tyrone Naidoo.

Montford resident, Garett Tyrone Naidoo (22) believes that there is no greater achievement than conquering your own body and knowing its full potential. Naidoo is encouraging aspiring body builders to reach for the stars after scooping the winning trophy at the 2017 IFBB Iron Man competition that took place at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Westville, recently.

Garett was placed first under the 90kg category and qualifies for the IFBB KZN provincial show which is only nineteen weeks away.

Naidoo, who was inspired by his father, a former body builder, Gregory Naidoo, said that this has always been a dream he hoped to fulfil in the future. In 2010, his dad, who is also an outstanding achiever, took him to his first enrolment at Action Plus Gym, which sparked the beginning of an incredible journey.

In 2014, Naidoo moved from fitness to an aspiring body builder which became a goal the fitness freak hoped to achieve. “Entering a competition as a body builder was never an option for me. I have always felt that it was a dream and that’s where my hopes stopped at the time,” he said.

In September 2016, he met his current coach, Deon Naidoo, who has been working with him hand in hand to achieve his desired aspirations of being a professional body builder. “My coach told me that I was ready for a competition which he had in mind. I agreed and knew that I only had 28 weeks to prepare,” said Naidoo.

While he felt life smooth sailing and could not fathom anything which could possibly go wrong, 12 weeks before the main event, Naidoo was diagnosed with the gastric flu after food poisoning he encountered the night. Due to this, he lost three kilojoules. Garett said that he was hysterical and felt like giving up. 
“Only a day after I received the disappointing news, I sat down with my girlfriend and coach who I vented out to. Their motivation and support that day together with my family and friends gave me the strength to continue working towards my ultimate win at the IFBB Iron Man competition,” he added.

The esteemed iron pumper built up on time for the day of the event as one of the finalists and snatched the winning trophy from his opponent. He urges young aspiring fitness fans to keep fit and never give up because the journey is worth it. 

Velancia Naidoo

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