EXCLUSIVE: Device explosion leaves Isipingo grandfather in shock

Selva Pillay has been left traumatized following the incident.

An Isipingo grandfather and his family have become the subject of a hijacking incident after a 1000ft flare exploded in his vehicle, which is believed to be the new modus operandi being used by hijackers.

The flare which was used.

Lotus Park resident, 61-year-old, Selva Pillay, and his  family, are still reeling from shock as the incident occurred while he was travelling with his grandchildren, on Wednesday morning.

Pillay was on route to Isipingo Beach with his three grandchildren, aged between eight and 13, when there was a sudden explosion at the rear end of the Toyota Yaris he was driving.

Speaking to the Rising Sun, Pillay detailed what occurred. “It was about 7:30am and I was travelling along Ravine Place and had reached the peak of the hill, when we heard a loud explosion.  I continued driving a little further and then stopped. When I alighted the vehicle, I saw a huge flame in the middle of the road and noticed the rear windscreen was shattered and the boot damaged. I decided to leave my grandchildren at school and then returned to the scene.”

Pillay found the flame still ablaze and waited for it to end. “When the flames went off, there was this device broken in two laying on the ground. I picked them up and went straight to the SAPS sub-station in Prospecton, who referred me to Isipingo SAPS to open up a case,” he said.

Pillay added, “I am not sure when the device was planted but I believe this is possibly a method hijackers are using. I advise owners to be extra vigilant and check around their vehicle for any strange devices or people lurking around before entering their vehicle and driving off. They should also call the nearest police station for assistance immediately as it could save their life. This has really left our family traumatised, however, we are glad that we were unharmed.”

Isipingo SAPS members, W/O Gerard Dass and Cpt David Ragavan, with the device.

Isipingo SAPS communications officer, Cpt David Ragavan said, “The complainants vehicle was inspected by our Local Criminal Record Centre (LCRC) and the Provincial Explosive Unit. It was established that the explosive was a 1000ft flare and it was activated on its own causing it to explode. A case of malicious damage to property was registered at Isipingo SAPS and is currently being investigated. The suspects are unknown as well as the motive.”

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