Young violinist hits all the right notes

Playing the violin is a way for Adhikar Inderparsad to express his thoughts and emotions.

British violinist, Vanessa Mae, once said that violin playing is a physical art with great traditions behind it.  For Queensburgh resident, Adhikar Inderparsad (21), who strongly believes in this profound quote, playing the violin is a way for him to express his thoughts and emotions.

“The classical music that I play gives me a sense of serenity and peace. The violin is a beautiful and powerful instrument, and learning how to play it was not easy at all.  However, practice makes perfect,” said the former Kharwastan Secondary pupil.

Since a young age, the multi-talented lad was inspired by his musician father and began learning how to play the drums and later, he learnt how to play the thabla.  At the tender age of nine, Inderparsad was enrolled in the Durban Music School, where he was introduced to the captivating and harmonic world of music produced through the violin.

“As a student of the Durban Music School, I played at the Durban Playhouse with the Student Orchestra throughout and I have also played the bass guitar at several concerts throughout Durban and Johannesburg,” said the young man.

The third year architecture student is well versed in several other musical instruments including the bass guitar, guitar, keyboard, drums and thabla.  The youngster is inspired by musicians such as Victor Wooten, jazz band, Fourplay and many other local artists.  “My advice to other young aspiring musicians is that if you have a passion for music, you should nurture it.  Music unites the world so if you have a dream of being a musician, go for it and strive for greatness,” added the soccer fanatic.

The goal-orientated youngster hopes to excel in his studies and to become a better musician than he was yesterday.  “I hope that my music takes me to world stages one day. It is my dream to go on a world tour and captivate audiences worldwide,” he said.   In his spare time, he enjoys drawing and playing sport.


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