Letter to the editor: Kathrada’s legacy lives on

We cannot exist without a sense of history and the death of Ahmed Kathrada is worth remembering for generations to come ‘The legend’ has fallen but his legacy lives on.

His unwavering morals and values should be an example for our current leadership. It’s a pity that President Jacob Zuma has not learnt any lessons from giants like Mandela, Kathrada, Tambo, Sisulu and many others.

At the funeral of his dear friend Nelson Mandela, Ahmed Kathrada famously said ‘My life is in a void and I don’t know who to turn to’. Now that you are gone, who do we turn to Uncle Kathy?  He stood firm and steadfast on his views, right to the very end.

His plea to recall President Zuma is an indictment of his integrity and character to also place him in the firing line in order to create a better life for ordinary South African.  We should be privileged to learn from such a remarkable man. It also begs the question as to whom in our leadership that is going to step up and carry the baton forward.  There are still many hurdles in our way and our young democracy is more vulnerable due to the loss of such a great man.

As we look forward to the future, we do with confidence and his legacy will always be remembered by the next generation.  His humility and humbleness leaves me with a saying of the great Gandhi ‘Let us all be brave to die the death of a martyr, but let no one lust for Martyrdom.

Dhayalan Moodley

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