Isipingo school in dire need of help

Principal TD Shange shows the damage to the tar that cannot be repaired due to the lack of funds.

Platt Drive Primary School which caters for over 800 pupils from the informal settlements of Uganda, Peligrim, Zamani, Ginas and the Isipingo Transit Camp is in desperate need of a capital injection and businesses to come forward to help them uplift the school.

When you enter the school premises, the first thing one notices is the lack of security, opened gates, no intercom system or security guard.

There is also major damage to the tar surface that cannot be repaired due to the lack of funds. There is also a poor drainage system which becomes heavily clogged after a storm, causing water to stand which is a serious health hazard.

These are just a few of the adversities that the school faces. Speaking to the Rising Sun Newspaper, deputy principal, Timothy Mariappen, detailed more of the school’s difficulties.  “Our school is currently facing a dilemma as we are under severe financial constraints and are unable to upgrade the school on our own. The school caters for children who come from impoverished backgrounds and we want to give them the best education in the best environment, however, this is impossible with all these challenges. We don’t have a library or computers and need some support to enable us to broaden the minds of our pupils,” he said.

The school also holds a feeding scheme for four days a week. The children are provided with a meal, which sometimes is their only meal for the day.  “We provide children with a nutritious meal from Monday to Thursday only. On Fridays, most children remain hungry as we don’t have the resources to provide them with a meal.  This causes a major problem as no child can concentrate on an empty stomach.  We request the assistance of businesses, organisations and community members to help us feed the children and give them some relief so they are able to concentrate in class,” added Mariappen.

The school converted one of the classrooms into a kitchen, however, there is a lack of appliances, utensils, preparation tables, flooring or running water facility. There is also no roofing in the children’s toilets which is a great concern. “We are facing a great calamity and are in desperate need of the community and businesses to assist us, to give our children a better and brighter future,” concluded Mariappen.

If you would like to assist the school, visit the school’s facebook page @plattdriveprimary or call the school on 031-902-2789, Timothy Mariappen (deputy principal) on 072-245-3815 and Thulani Daniel Shange (principal) on 071-097-8542.

Nadia Khan

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