Rising soccer star dreams big

Joash Pillay.

A passionate, driven and ambitious young teenager from Malvern is kicking up a storm on the football field and is making his family and community proud. Seventeen-year-old Joash Pillay is an up and coming sportsman who is currently a defender at the AmaZulu FC under 19 division.

He first became involved in the sport in 2010 when the local primary school he attended, hosted a mini school World Cup. It was then and there that he was snatched up by a local club coach who saw budding talent in him.

When asked about what football means to him, the defender said, “Football means everything to me. It’s not just an everyday sport. Being on the field is the one thing that separates me from the rest of the world. It’s where I can express my passion for the game and show people who I am. Being on the field is my happy place.”

This aspiring star is also in matric and though it is challenging at times, he ensures that he has time to balance out his sports with his academics to ensure he excels on both the field and in the classroom. He aspires to play internationally in the next few years and is optimistic about the future of his sporting career.  His message to other up and coming sports stars is to never give up on their dreams.

“Always stay on the path that gets you closer to your goals and keep on putting in the extra effort as it will take you a long way,” he added.  With such dedication and love for the game, there is certainly no doubt that residents will be seeing this young man making his mark on the international sports circuit very soon.

Janine Ephraim

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