TLC children honour grandparents

TLC pupils put on a show for their grandparents.

The Learning Centre (TLC) pupils celebrated ‘Grandparents Day’ by honouring their elders at a function held at the school, recently.

“The team at TLC wanted to honor grandparents and to give them an opportunity to show love for their children’s children. We also wanted to help children become aware of strength, information and guidance that older people can offer,” said school principal, Purusha Naidoo.

She added,“Respect and gratitude should be given to grandparents on a daily basis, so we invited the seniors to enjoy a fun filled programme performed by the children. A variety of snacks were prepared along with a selection of teas. We thank all our grandparents for attending our function. We truly look up to them and salute them for their contributions toward the lives our Tiny Tots.”

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