Parents, children speak out

Parents comfort their children after the traumatising incident.

“We will not rest until the principal and the two teachers have been removed from the school. They have ruined our children’s schooling career.”

These were the emotional words of several parents who have vowed to leave no stone unturned until a full scale investigation by the Department of Education and the South African Police Services is carried out.

The statement was made following strong allegations made by pupils of a primary school in Isipingo, who went on an excursion to the Midlands and claimed that their principal had inappropriately touched some of the pupils and that him together with two male teachers were under the influence of alcohol. The children had allegedly merged from the bus hysterical, which alarmed their parents.

One of the parents said despite the accolades and achievements earned by the school, the parents want all the allegations made by the pupils to be tested in a court of law.

“Status, money and power will not silence the truth. My daughter who went on the excursion is emotionally torn apart. She is not her self. Since the incident, she is all by herself. She is not eating properly and is afraid to go to school. Before the incident, she was all praise for her teachers but now she just wants to finish primary school. The psychological scars will be not go away so easily. They need proper counseling, which they have not received,”she claimed.

A child who was on the bus broke her silence and claimed that she was inappropriately touched.  “I dread going to school everyday, I am forced to keep all my emotions bottled up inside me. It is hard to concentrate in school, when my mind just keeps slipping back to that traumatising afternoon. I am utterly devastated and disappointed at the lack of respect the man we looked up to, had for us children,”she claimed.

The Rising Sun approached the school to speak to the principal, but he was not available as he was not at school. School Governing Body chairman, Donald Naidoo, said he cannot comment on the matter concerning the principal and the two teachers as the matter is sub-judice. Department of Education spokesman, Muzi Mahlambi was contacted for comment, however no response was received at the time of going to print.

Nadia Khan

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