Five habits that take your happiness

Many of us do certain things that could annoy those around us or make us who we are like biting your nails during a job interview because you’re nervous. By doing something repeatedly, it becomes hard to kick and thus can also take a toll on your happiness.

Here are five examples of habits that is taking your happiness:  

  1. Doing something you don’t enjoy

Something that’s common in the job field, many of us chase after money rather than the passion for something like pursuing something in the medical field but you enjoy making people laugh and would like to be a comedian and still help people but in your own special way. By doing something you don’t have any passion for or enjoy is what causes job burnout and it can have some serious consequences.

  1. Not letting go

Holding on to someone or something can also steal your happiness. You have to learn to let go and walk away from those that only bring you down rather than lift you up.

  1. There is no perfect moment or timing

We somewhat live in this bubble that we need to wait for the perfect moment however there is no perfect moment but rather you taking that moment and making it perfect. Live in the present and start making each day count.

  1. The focus is not on you

You are more concerned about what others are doing in their life compared to paying attention to yours. When you stop comparing yourself to others is when you will start to achieve more and improve on yourself even further.

  1. Not trying new things

You follow a routine that you’re quiet content with and start to avoid trying something new. It’s great to have a routine but it’s also great to be more adventurous.

Romano Randle

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