New look for run-down park

The neglected area will be turned into an indigenous park and will attract birds and butterflies of all sorts.

The Headlands Park in Silverglen has been associated with being a place for vagrants to sleep, recycling scrap and light fires. In an attempt to bring the park back to its natural serene state, the Silverglen Selfhelp Committee, together with the Silverglen Civic Association, decided to focus on taking back open spaces and parks from the silent enemy of neglect and indifference.

Chairman of the Silverglen Selfhelp Committee, Shaun Hammond said that it is an unfortunate fact that people get a poor impression of a community when they see neglected parks and open spaces when visiting an area.

“Property values are also greatly affected by the surrounding environment. If residents leave their bin bags in parks and green areas, it proves lack of knowledge and backwardness. These days people are respected and looked upon as ‘informed’ by the way they care for the environment,” he added.

Also a member of the Silverglen Civic Association, Hammond explained that he will never want to waste the time and resources of the Parks Department by asking them to rehabilitate a park and not help them police it to sustain its beauty and thwart any threat of pollution and degradation to that area.

“The Parks Department have worked together with me in the nature reserve on other projects and are willing to see this as another winner for the environment and the Silverglen Community.  Working closely with Chatsworth’s eThekwini Parks head, Victor Chetty, Mona Edris and the rest of the staff is most educational and edifying. Edris is newly appointed to the Chatsworth area and she is looking forward to show off her skill in transforming the run down park into a bird and butterfly haven. She has over 30 years of experience in the field and has a passion for indigenous gardens. Visit the Silverglen Nature Reserve Nursery for advice on how to turn your pretty but boring exotic garden into a haven for birds and butterflies,’ concluded Hammond.


Yoshini Perumal

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