Chatsworth man dances his way to success

Josheldon Keagan Govender together with his team.

After watching several dance movies and YouTube dance videos, 25-year-old Josheldon Keagan Govender was inspired to develop his choreography skills and share his passion with the Chatsworth community, through his hip-hop dance crew.

The talented dance crew has hypnotised crowds. The young choreographer fondly recalled his humble beginnings during an interview with the Rising Sun.  “I took an interest in dance when a few friends of mine from church wanted to start a dance crew to perform at youth concerts and events. They were dancers for some time while I was not, however I really wanted to learn even though I thought it might be too late because I was not a child anymore. I took a leap of faith and worked hard at it. I then began copying choreography from dance movies and dance crews until I was eventually able to choreograph entirely on my own,” said the passionate lad.

Govender’s dance crew performs their unique dance style throughout KZN and he hopes that one day his crew will reach greater heights by performing all over South Africa and one day, around the world.  The Bayview resident enjoys inspiring other people with his passion for dance. “As a team, we are able to make a difference and I love that,” he added.

The young man believes that most amazing part about the crew is that they are able to interact and touch the lives of different people.  “Although we are a gospel crew, people of any religion are welcome to join the crew and enjoy our work,” he said. Govender hopes that one day; his dance production will completely blow people away.  He also wishes to teach dance to underprivileged children.








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