Tattoo artist goes against all odds

Tattoo artist, Macalister Dalton Govindsamy, who is in the process of tattooing Gavin Naicker.

From humble beginnings Moorton tattoo artist, 25-year-old Macalister Dalton Govindsamy, has gone against the odds by overcoming his disabilities.

The budding young tattoo artist who was diagnosed with Mobius Syndrome when he was nine-years-old, and then further diagnosed by doctors with Facioscapulohmeral Muscular Dystrophy (FMD) when he was 20, has moved from strength to strength.

FMD which also known as (FSHD) is a genetic muscle-wasting condition that causes muscles to weaken and waste away over time leading to increasing disability. It mainly affects the muscles of the limbs, shoulders and face.

Most young people affected by this condition are expected to be fully disabled and in wheelchairs by the time they reach adolescence.

This was clearly not the case for the young artist who refused to let his disability get the better of him. Proving statistics and doctors wrong, ‘Mac,’ as he is fondly known by friends and residents, has overcome his condition and moves around wheelchair free.

The former pupil of Risecliff Secondary School expressed that his passion for art began from the time he was in school which led to his current job path.

The young artist who has been in the tattoo industry for six years and doing tattoos professionally for the past three years, has joined forces with fellow tattooist and friend Gavin Naicker, by opening their own tattoo parlour within the area.

He has come a long way and his style of tattooing has set him apart and even with his disabilities, he pushes through to reach his full potential.

His advice to people who aspire to be tattooists and people with disabilities is, “Everyone should follow their dreams and not let anything or anyone stand in the way of them accomplishing it.  Everyone has a hidden talent, they just need to find it and nurture it. Always have faith and never give up on yourself or your dream. Never let your disabilities get the better of you,” said Macalister.

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