Deputy mayor addresses crime in Chatsworth

Deputy mayor, Cllr Fawzia Peer, was called to assist in curbing and reducing crime in Chatsworth.

Deputy mayor, Cllr Fawzia Peer, addressed residents living within the Chatsworth policing precinct at the Chatsworth Youth Centre, last Thursday.

The Chatsworth Community Police Forum (CCPF) invited the deputy mayor to assist in an effort to curb and reduce crime in the Chatsworth area. Crime is almost a daily occurrence in Chatsworth and the CCPF, together with the Chatsworth SAPS, is continuously searching for strategies to help curb and reduce crime.

Chairman of the CCPF, Jakes Singh said, “Our committed and proactive deputy mayor listened to the many concerns of residents. She addressed some concerns immediately and assured residents that she will investigate other concerns. We welcome her initiative and commitment to address the concerns residents’ concerns and look forward to her feedback,” added Mr Singh.

Requests for CCTV cameras at hotspots, additional Metro Police officers to the understaffed unit at Chatsworth, and an urgent need for a dog unit and the revival of the drug unit were some issues raised.

Chatsworth SAPS station commander, Brig Coenraad Marais, also responded to matters raised about the SAPS. He reassured residents that his management team is always available to attend to any complaints or queries.

The CCPF also express their appreciation to individuals and role-players who assisted with the above event. PRO of the CCPF, Suren Ganapathie, advised residents to form street committees in an effort to curb crime.

“All streets should also have their own Whatsapp or BBM groups. Networking with neighbours is now necessary as criminals are seen loitering in local streets, scouting for an opportunity to commit a crime. Residents at home during the day should be alert and constantly monitor their streets,” he added.

The Chatsworth CPF also appeals to residents to attend the sub-forum meetings in their respective areas. These meetings are vital as residents learn about crime in their area, they can raise any concerns about crime and they become empowered to prevent crime before it happens.

The Chatsworth CPF has an office situated at the Chatsworth SAPS. Residents can contact the chairman to arrange an appointment should there be any matter of concern for discussion.

For more information, contact the chairman, Jakes Singh on 083-715-4377, PRO, Suren Ganapathie on 084-460-7951 or secretary, Roger Gangadoo on 082-312-6808.

Yoshini Perumal

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