A day in the life of a hardworking Merebank bus driver

Proud owner of the Bluehaven bus, Vinesh Dalip.

A hardworking and well-known Merebank bus driver has dedicated his life towards serving people and works tirelessly every day to ensure that passengers reach their destination safe and sound.

The bus driver of Bluehaven, Vinesh Dalip, transports residents of the Merebank community to Chatsworth every day and believes the job is just as important as any other career.

“My dad was a bus driver and I remember always going along with him on bus rides, picking up people from various spots. One of the greatest lessons that I learnt from my father who is 80-years-old, is to always remain humble and love your job regardless of what it maybe. After completing matric, my goals were to study to become an Auto-Technician, which I did but soon after, I gave up my studies to become the breadwinner of my home because I was the only son.”

The 49-year-old father of two loves interacting and communicating with people even though he has been a victim of crime on several occasions.

“Being a bus driver requires lots of patience and responsibilities because you are transporting lives in your vehicle which is the most challenging part of my job. Although people look down on me and hand me change after leaving my bus, I believe that I am earning an honest wage and deserve the same amount of respect given to people with high status jobs,” he said.

When he is not busy transporting residents and providing services to school-going pupils, Dalip enjoys taking his family to the movies and spending quality time with them.

“My family is my priority and the reason why I work so hard is to make sure that my three children achieve their future goals and get the best education that I can provide for them.  I have now been a bus driver for 29 years and my advice is to always love, respect and humble yourself.  I think that many people stigmatise bus drivers and complain about them. But I think that at the end of the day we are all human and should be treated equally. I thank God for my job and for my loving family,” said Dalip.

Candice George

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