Letter to the editor: Stop animal abuse

I was reminded harshly of the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ and its central theme espousing the degeneration of civilization and humanity.

I was witness to an incident which occurred at about 3pm near the junction of Astral Drive and Sunset Avenue in Woodhurst. Pupils from two local high schools in the Silverglen and Westcliff areas frequent this area, hoping to secure a lift to the Cavendish Railway Station.

My attention was drawn to some commotion on the pavement and what I saw made me sick to the stomach. A few pupils were hitting and kicking a dog that went close to them for a little sniff.

The entire incident happened so fast and was so violent that it left the young, defenceless Husky bleeding in the face and lying battered and sprawled on the pavement. Passers-by in cars were horrified and angry at the incident but could do very little to help the dog under the circumstances. The pupils displayed no remorse but absolute callousness and called this act ‘a mistake.’

A driver passing by stopped her car and approached the pupils to assist her in putting the dog into the back seat of her car. After a lot of hesitation, one pupil reluctantly placed the dog into the car. The driver then informed a nearby resident that in the event the owner looks for the dog, the owner should be informed that the dog was taken to the Durban and Regional SPCA.

I subsequently learnt that the dog’s internal injuries were so severe that the dog had become comatose and had to be euthanised. This traumatised me immensely. It was once said, ‘A country’s morality is judged by the way its animals are treated.’ What does this say about these children?

It is also appalling to note that a percentage of householders neglect feeding, bathing, inoculating and looking after their pets. Pets should not be allowed to roam the streets as they will fall prey to evil people, like these pupils, who have no regard for life. If the novelty has worn off and one no longer has the desire to keep a pet, please call the SPCA, who will find a loving, caring family for the animal. When one gets away with inflicting pain on an animal, then this forms a negative impression on the psyche and the perpetrator then goes on to behave in the same manner to human beings. This person then develops a total disregard for life. As a community, we should instill in our children the value and absolute sanctity of all life forms.




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