Altercation over food leads to vagrant’s death in Malvern

An altercation over food led to the fatal stabbing of a vagrant at the Malvern Shopping Mall, last week. According to communications officer of the Malvern SAPS, W/O Radhika Marimuthu, the vagrants normally line up at the loading zone of leading food stores and wait for the cast away perishables and other food items.

“At one of the loading zones, there was a quarrel over food. In the ensuing tussle for food, one of the vagrants was fatally stabbed,” she added.

A case of murder is being investigated by detectives of the Malvern SAPS. Following the incident, two of the leading stores in the area have put in action removal plans for a way forward to circumvent future tragedies of this nature. Station commander of the Malvern SAPS, Lt Col Reddy, said the issue was adequately addressed.

“It was reported in the last Community Police Forum meeting that covered vans will now drive in to the loading zones, load the expired food and remove them for disposal. We hope this is an isolated incident,” she said.

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