UPDATE: Havenside father denied bail for daughter’s rape

Angry protesters demand 'no bail' for the accused at the previous court case.

A 50-year-old Havenside father was denied bail for the alleged rape of his nine-year-old daughter at the Chatsworth Magistrate’s Court, on Monday.

The man, whose identity is known to the Rising Sun but cannot be published to protect the identity of the child, was arrested by members of Bayview SAPS on Thursday, after the grade four pupil told her teacher that she was abused by her father.

Magistrate ZE Zondi postponed the case until March 15, when the accused will reappear for a formal schedule 6 bail application.

The state prosecutor, Ms Ngcamu, said the state believed the accused will evade his trial, interfere with witnesses and destroy evidence, hence bail was opposed.

A source close to the case said the child was neglected, often starved and found to have been living in pathetic conditions.

“The investigation revealed that the child was raped.  We also received information about a previous case of indecent assault which was opened by an elder daughter of the accused, a while ago. The case was thrown out of court due to lack of evidence,” said the source.

While angry residents from Havenside and Bayview gathered outside court to show their support for the minor victim, her mother and two older sisters appeared unfazed as they waited outside the courtroom to support the man during his court appearance.

“A father was supposed to be someone who loves and protects his daughter and not the one who fails her and harms her in the worst way possible. The little girl is not going to grow up like a normal child and she will be affected by this for the rest of her life. He has stolen her innocence and he deserves to rot in jail,” echoed the protesters outside court.

The source further stated that the case exposed complacency on the part of authorities, neighbours and family members who may have known about the abuse and neglect of the child and associated the case to that of the Havenside toddler, who’s grandmother and mother were charged with her murder and rape in November 2014.

Yoshini Perumal

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