Isipingo SAPS intervene at ‘problematic’ schools

Seen are Sgt Xaba (provincial K9 unit), Vanessa Reddy (Addicted to Life), Mrs Rambali (Reunion Secondary School teacher) and Isipingo SAPS member, W/O Naidoo.

Following the Department of Education and SAPS identifying numerous schools within the province reported to have incidents of drugs and alcohol, gangsterism, bullying, dangerous weapons and sexual offences, Isipingo SAPS, together with NGO, Addicted to Life, hosted intervention programmes addressing the concerning issues, recently.

The programme was run at Isipingo and Reunion Secondary Schools. There was great interaction during the programme, with pupils asking questions arising from the information relayed to them.  Pupils were left feeling empowered and enlightened.

“The police stations that service these ‘problematic schools’ were tasked to engage in multi-disciplinary programmes. There were three secondary schools identified in the Isipingo precinct and we have already started with programmes at these school.  We engaged the expertise of Addicted to Life, who train pupils on the abuse of alcohol and drugs. We were also able to train the RCL members and Peer Mediators at these schools, making them ambassadors,” said Isipingo SAPS communications officer, Cpt David Ragavan.

Addicted to Life facilitator, Vanessa Chetty said, “The programme was established 11 years ago as a proactive approach to eradicate substance abuse from our community.  It is a multi-faceted programme which is aimed at education, training and motivation.  The school awareness drive has proven to be successful so far. We have thousands of school children who have underwent the programme and are empowered and enlightened thereafter.”

“This strategy aims to educate a child at a young age so that they can make educated decisions when faced with the temptation of drugs and alcohol.  The programme also caters for training of individuals who would like to get involved in helping individuals addicted to drugs.  We will continue in our fight against substance abuse in every way possible. We are looking forward to  educating and informing the greater communities so that we can alleviate substance abuse in a holistic way,” added Chetty.

“Together with running these programmes, we will also be conducting regular meetings with the management and SGBs of these schools as well as random searches. We appeal to parents to pay close attention to their children’s activities and conduct. We have partnered with other departments such as the Social Services and Child Welfare as well as NGO’s like Bobbi Bear and House of David Community Centre, who will assist those parents who require help,” said Cpt Ragavan.


Nadia Khan

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