VIDEO: The woman behind ‘Bash with Tash’

Natashia Portrag is a proud Chatsworth resident and loves delivering joy and laughter to others.

Social media sensation, Bash with Tash’s characters are hilarious, eccentric and over the top however the woman behind them is the humble 31-year-old Natashia Portrag who loves enriching people’s lives through comedy.

The Chatsworth comedian has caused a stir on social media gaining her more than 30, 000 likes, recently.  She quickly became a household name while keeping fans in stitches.

All of the side-splitting characters are inspired by reality and everyday life.  Speaking to Portrag, she said that she enjoys listening to people and drawing content from matters that affect society daily.

Her favourite amusing alter-ego is Tash the ‘Langara Queen’.  Her ability to change her accents come naturally, as she is able to hear a person speak for a few minutes then is able to impersonate them. The multi-talented woman explained how she was able to bring her comical characters to life.

“Social media has played a major part of bringing my characters to life. In fact, it is the reason for their existence. My comedy can reach every inch of the earth.  It has also enabled me to get out there and change more people’s lives,” she said during an interview.

Portrag also explained how she felt moments before she posted the first ‘Have a Bash with Tash’ video. “I assumed that my video was going to be a ‘by-the-way thing’. However, as time passed, my thoughts became more serious.  I want to change the norms of society.  I want to get rid of judgement and I really want to be the reason someone is able to laugh through the stresses of life,” she proudly said.

Since a young age, Tash, as she is fondly known, would entertain her family members, who motivated her to do what she is passionate about.  “My family life is really such a breath of fresh air. My parents, siblings and my two amazing grannies are just one big ball of fun. We have been brought up in a humble manner and have always been encouraged to do what we love,” said the performer.

She added that the highlight of her career so far is knowing that she is able to make thousands of people laugh and that her motivational videos have touched many lives.

The BBA graduate further stated that she has no prior acting experience and all of her videos are created in the moment. “I have so much fun making my videos.   There’s no preparation, rehearsals or second takes needed. Everything is very impromptu,” said the exuberant entertainer.

The local comedian attributes her success to God, her family and fans.  The motivational speaker’s advice for up and coming comedians is to be welcoming to constructive criticism and remember life is not a competition it is a journey. “Go for what you believe in and never be afraid to be yourself,” she concluded.

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