Residents encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, wellness and good health, one should always have a positive mind-set and be determined to achieve their goals.

Health Lifestyle Awareness Month was recently commemorated and this focuses on improving the lives of people striving for physical success. Fitness is one of the first steps that residents can take to live a healthy lifestyle.

The community of Durban is encouraged to commit their lives to a healthy lifestyle every day towards keeping fit.

This month commemorates healthy living and positive thinking. It is never too late to explore a healthy lifestyle and just a small amount of exercise every day; whether it is taking the stairs instead of the elevator, will make all the difference. Residents just have to partake in small amounts of physical activity every day to maintain a good level of fitness.

Local fitness instructor, Joshua Jesse Chetty said, “As a fitness instructor, I have learnt in my years of expertise that while training, you should not starve yourself. Instead you must consume food like medication or else you will be consuming medication like food.”

Carbs are needed as a primary energy source for movement, concentration of the brain and functioning of the heart, according to Chetty.

Maintaining a moderate appetite and sticking to a regular eating pattern is also vital. At least two litres of water per day and three servings of vegetables daily serves as an excellent foundation for a balanced diet.

Two palm sized proteins per meal must be made priority to receive the necessary vitamins your body requires whether there is participation in exercise or not.

“We are what we eat and by changing dietary habits, one can only prevent or control a disease accordingly which requires determination, knowledge and will power. Diets are not a punishment but a way of life by choice,” he added.


Velancia Naidoo

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