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Management of the Chatsworth Centre and the Rising Sun together with the judging panel and the bursary recipients.

A healthy capital injection to the tune of R100, 000 by Chatsworth Centre management was invested into the lives of six deserving young Chatsworth residents: three university students and three matriculants.

Hosted by the Chatsworth Centre Management, the bursary awards was a night to remember, tinged with a mixture of happiness and sadness as young cash strapped pupils who excelled in the matric and students at university, received lucrative bursaries, sponsored by Chatsworth Centre.

At a special awards ceremony held on Friday at the centre, the five deserving youth who received the awards were, Kimeshnee Naidoo,(R25 000), Kaylin Govender (R20 000), Thandeka Philile Dludlu (R15 000), Kasmira Gopee (R13 000) and Preshalen Pillay (R10 000).

Chatworth Centre had also given a special award to Joshua Karunakaram who is currently in his fourth year of medical studies. He was awarded an amount of R 17 000. Rising Sun CEO, Vijay Maharaj had also sponsor an additional R13 000 towards his studies putting the bursary total up to R30 000. Karunakaram who comes from abject poverty pledged to support and work with the Chatsworth Centre bursary committee in future as way of giving back to those who have helped him.

“This CSI initiative caters for impecunious matriculants in the community, who want to study further at a tertiary institution of their choice. This year the Chatsworth Centre decided to not only allow 2016 matriculants to enter, but to anyone who wanted to study further and has not had the finances to do so. The bursary was open to all 2016 matriculants and to those between the ages of 17 to 25 with a matric qualification. Six students were chosen according to their financial need and academic merit by an independent judging panel,” said Chatsworth Centre marketing manager, Caolan Maistry.

“The bursary recipients were overwhelmed and beyond appreciative upon receiving their bursaries. Chatsworth Centre is proud to have brought joy and assistance in alleviating the financial strain from these students and their families.We are also proud to have helped change the lives of these six students and wishes them all the success for the year ahead,” added Maistry.

Chatsworth Centre would like to thank the Rising Sun for their media sponsorship and coverage of the event, all suppliers for their support and the tenants of Chatsworth Centre, Gifts and Bags and Konica, who have generously sponsored toward the event.

Nadia Khan

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