A beacon of hope for youngsters

Children from as little as five-years-old participate in cultural dance.

Culture is generally understood as one’s physical appearance, language and food type. The Sarva Dharma Ashram of Welbedacht has been promoting culture in the community for years. The organisation, has over the years, formed a core group of youngsters from the local community of Welbedacht.

The public, donors and beneficiaries of the ashram’s programmes appreciate the hard work that is put in by the team to uplifting the community. But behind this selfless hard work is an unrecognisable subtle driving force that drives the members of ashram to promote love, empowerment and a never giving up attitude.

The organisation is known to be a place of character building where the atmosphere is the main attraction for the many restless youngsters.

Children from as little as five-years-old have not only embraced the ways of living at the ashram, but have also gained the right attitude and characteristics that stand out most. “Culture is not about what you are on the outside, it is about what you become on the inside that matters” said Swamiji.

The organisation appeals to the public to support them in supporting children. For donations and more information, contact them on  031 406-3766.


Candice George

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